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7 Secrets to Becoming an Expert News Source

1. Change your PR mindset
PR is about more than public relations and press releases. PR is about
promoting relationships, publishing for readers, providing references,
packaging for readability, inviting a proactive response, attracting
prospective referrals and achieving an almost overnight page one page

2. Collect keywords
Choose a small group of 3-5 keywords and plan on testing and tweaking
until you get an optimal mix. You want to do more than carve a niche.
You want to be the groove-maker.

3. Be prolific
Distribute at least one news release every month. To reach a variety
of audiences, reframe a main release with benefits or tangents that
appeal/apply to each group within your group.

4. Crown your stories with catchy headlines
Start out, if you can, with your key search term. Limit total
characters to 80, the shorter, the better. Here’s one that worked well
for a restaurant opening: 50 Pizzas Rolled Into One Pie [29
characters, including spaces].

5. Lead with a summary
Your first paragraph must say it all in 3-4 sentences. Make the last
sentence your call to action. Ideas: invite your reader to request a
free report, add your blog to their RSS reader, get a complimentary
consultation or enter a contest.

6. Sustain interest
Contain your content to 400 words and cover one major point. Have more
to say? Write another release. Use bullets to point out benefits.
Quote an outside expert to add credibility and bring in another voice.
In the closing line, mention a way to contact you/your company. Add in
images like your logo and photos to make your release more life-like.

7. Distribute where your community can find you
Is your community local, offline, global or online? Where do they get
their news?


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