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Engaging Journalists using Social Media

I am compiling a list of blogs authored by our journalists, with whom we regularly interact. So kindly share the URL of any journo blogs you know of, so that we can collectively compile an exhaustive list of blogs. As journalists are getting more apprehensive about meeting or even talking to PR pros, social media is one avenue, which can be used to engage journalists and effectively build lasting relationships.

Almost all journos write blogs, they express themselves either on their own blogs or on any blog they contribute to. Share your views on their blog posts, tell them what you strongly feel and at times also suggest what more could have been achieved by the article (Do this only if you are sure what you are suggesting). Most of them have Facebook accounts, which gives us insights on their Birthdays and Anniversaries. The least we can do is to wish them on days that matters most to them. Follow them on Twitter; this might give you an understanding (not necessary) on what stories they might be planning.

Social media gives us ample opportunities to reach out to people, who matter to our business. Not necessary every tool will give us the best results but a little hard-work to identify what works and what does not; will help us going a long way in forging relationship with this most important target audience of ours. There will be certainly many opposing views to the above, which surely can be debated. I welcome all suggestions and comments on the above post, but before that please share the URL of journo blogs if you know any.

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  1. Hi Vikram,

    You have given an innovative insight on this issue.
    Thanx for this!


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