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Knowledge enhancement of PR Pros

Being a successful communication professional is no mean task. Your knowledge needs to be on the level where you can play a role of a consultant and offer your advice to C level executives. Not each one of us is always capable of doing this very effectively. Most of the time we offer solutions on what a company can do to increase its visibility in media, seldom we offer solutions that are linked to the client’s business goals or objectives. The solutions that we generally offer are mostly tactical, which may be appreciated by the corporate communications level, but fails to make any substantial impact on a CEO.

To offer such insights we need to be knowledgeable about not only the clients business, but host of other things as well, such as the business; socio-political and economic environment the client operates in, the trends shaping up in larger business community not only in the domestic market but also what is happening globally, the cultural and behavioral insights on the clients target audience, new marketing concepts and successful marketing case studies etc. In short, we as a professional PR consultant should be able to play a strategic role in advancing client’s business.

There are two ways to gain this knowledge, one is to get as much as experience in the field by working on various projects and slowly sharpen your skills, which should easily take good number of years but not necessarily make you a good consultant.

The second option is to read as much as possible on all the above subjects. Learn from the experience of others and add that to your own. But this requires dedication and consistency in enhancing knowledge and is no way a quick fix.

So the question is, what are those books or information sources we should refer, to be a knowledgeable marketing communications consultant. This question is primarily to all those senior professionals who can advice us on which books and reference sources we should be reading.

The younger lot is paying very less attention on their knowledge enhancement or is simply unaware about what will help them to enhance their knowledge. Keeping this in mind, I am compiling a list of books and reference sources that should be read by every communications practitioner.

Please share your views and names of the books that you are aware about and have gained insights from. This list will be a useful source of reference to all, so kindly come forward and share.


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  1. I would like to recommend 2 books with similar sounding titles. They are:

    1) The McKinsey Way
    2) The Disney Way

  2. This is an awesome insight. Please share useful reference sources which I am sure will be really appreciated by everyone in the forum.

  3. Why only agency PR, even we corp comm professionals need to be updating ourselves on these lines for real professional development

  4. This initiative is certainly a great effort from your end, most of the younger generation would consider PR industry more glamorized & can be achieved easily which is not the way it looks like.

    These books & references would help them develop & brush skills.

  5. I would like to suggest two books:-

    1. Marketing 3.0 by Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan
    2.Dentsu Social Media Handbook

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