Conversations at the Intersection of PR, Traditional & New Media

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  1. Dear Sri Vikram

    Your observations of Aswa Yodhas and your efforts to make them equal to the present day Communication Managers in the business in fact nice.

    An Aswa Yodha’s function is restricted to the war field and his sharp brain was the only effective way of combatting with the enemies. The performance though required very high skill of strategy it was momentary for that situation. In the present day market/business/communication/PR etc., the decision depends on the Company/Institutions’ strategy while the heirarchy and infrastructue is spread to a wide extent. This prevents the person in-charge of market strategy to act independently. In the past I had the occasion of chitchatting with such person who are in very high positions in the banks and few MNCs during which they expressed the above feelings. ‘Swabudhi’ in these concerns do not work and he cannot become a ‘aswa yodha’ rather he becomes a ‘bonded yodha’ !

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