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Senior Communicator Charudatta Deshpande Expired

Dear Friends,
I have a very sad news to share with you that was revealed to me just minutes ago. Charudatta Deshpande, a senior communicator and ex Tata Steel expired yesterday.
News on the same in Mumbai Mirror appended

Charudatta Deshpande a former journalist who went on to work with several corporations like ICICI Bank, the Mahindra group and Tata Steel, committed suicide on Friday afternoon at his Vasai Gaon residence. Deshpande, a well known person in journalistic circles, was 58. He was once a staffer with The Economic Times.

Depression could be the cause of his suicide, said the Vasai Gaon police who are investigating the matter. He said Deshpande had quit Tata Steel in April and hadn’t taken on a job since. Deshpande leaves behind his wife Nivedita, son Gaurav who is an engineering student and daughter Aditi who is entering college.

Deshpande who stays in Borivali, would visit his ground floor flat in Shree Pant Nagar near the Shani Temple in Vasai Gaon on weekends. On Friday his driver, looking in from the window, saw Deshpande hanging from the ceiling of his flat. When repeated knocking on the door fetched no response he informed the police.

Investigating Officer, Raju Nikumbe of Vasai Gaon police station said the main door was locked from inside and Deshpande was alone in the flat.

“We had to break the window iron grill, and send a boy through it to open the main door,”said Nikumbe. “No suicide note was found, but we have sent the body for post mortem and the report is awaited,” The suicide probably happened between 2 and 4 pm, said police.

Deshpande’s friends and associates were shocked to hear the news. They said there was no hint of depression or moodiness in the way Deshpande went about things. “He was happy-golucky. He would smile off a situation,” said one of them. They also recalled his wry sense of humour.

Deshpande started his career as a reporter with The Daily, then moved on to the Indian Express, and had a brief stint with the Economic Times before moving to the Business and Political Observer, now defunct. At the peak of his journalistic run he entered the corporate world joining ICICI as Vice President, Corporate Communications. He was last employed with Tata Steel, said close associates.

Source: Mumbai Mirrror

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  1. I can’t believe this, shocking to say the least. Did some work very briefly on Tata Steel before I left. May god give the family all the strength possible.

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