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Madison PR wins Gold at SABRE India 2013

The Wake Up Clean Up Bengaluru (WUCU) campaign – an initiative by BMPP wins Gold at the inaugural SABRE Awards India 2013.

madisonThe Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike‘s social campaign Wake Up Clean Up Bengaluru won Gold for Excellence in Public Relations at the SABRE India Awards 2013 held in New Delhi on 26th July. The campaign by Madison Public Relations competed with Sanofi Diabetes Blue Fortnight and Sanofi Diabetes with HEAL Foundation in the Public Sector/Government category to emerge triumphant.

The panel of judges – some of India’s most influential PR & communication professionals – held in high honour Madison PR’s efforts in generating extensive word of mouth publicity through discussions among high net worth individuals such as top corporate leaders from Bangalore (led by Ms Vinita Bali, Dr Kiran Muzumdar Shaw, et al) at the evening to restore its reputation as the garden city. In addition, Madison PR also helped to soften media opinion of the BMPP as jointly responsible in the upkeep of the city – a radical change from the blanket blame and general disapproval of most government bodies.

Ms. Kalpana Kar, catalyst & originator of the Wake Up Clean Up movement said “The WUCU movement was started with the aim to bring about awareness and expose the citizens of Bengaluru to the enormity of the waste management issues that are currently swamping the city. To achieve this, the role of media needs no explanation, but when unleashed with a positive spin, it alone manages to showcase change with a reach that is unbelievable. Madison PR has done just that. A collaborative program between civil society and Government has its own set of surprises and ambiguities, and they have coordinated with several stakeholders, working towards a common cause of the welfare of the city.”

Paresh Chaudhry, Chief Executive Officer, Madison PR commented, “Along with growth, we are mindful of the wellbeing of the community. At Madison Public Relations, we also look beyond brands. We are privileged to have devised and executed the citywide campaign for the BMPP to help spread awareness and engage with key audiences.”


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