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How to make a meaningful and professional connection using social media platforms?

Vishal Chomal

Vishal Chomal

Below are my top 10 important tips and advice for making a meaning and professional connections on social media:

The most important tip I can give anyone getting started with social media, is to understand that it is a tool. Like any tool, knowing how to use it is vital before you begin. Misusing the tool can be problematic, and since once online, forever online, it’s important to get it right from the start. Social connections are more meaningful when they are real, authentic and a true depiction of who you are as a person and professional.

connectionsYou need to Build your ‘Brand’ and online identity. 

  1. Join LinkedIn Groups and Google+ Communities of your interests and target audience and participate in discussions.
  2. The golden guidelines for success in Social Media is do not broadcast . Don’t just follow industry leaders or celebrities. Connect with like minded individuals and same industry influencers (could be your peers).
  3. Make sure you not only talk in empty rooms or just listen but also converse with other people in your trade, niche or industry.
  4. Keep on engaging on periodic basis (say 3 times a week).  But you must share meaningful content. Engage and be genuine. Create original, relevant content.
  5. Post What You Know. Don’t hop on every fad or trending topic. Become a respected source by staying true to what you know.
  6. Join the conversation when someone else shares something of interest to you.
  7. Network and interact in meaningful ways. Know your people by building lists and following their tweets, adding people to circles and discovering their interests. Be sincere. Give credit to the source while sharing.
  8. Serve as a resource; connect like-minded people; share and promote the projects and interests of others.
  9. Ask for help on your projects (not initially);  Be willing to explain what you need and why;
  10. Finally, remember that “social” requires conversations and discussions with others. Be Patient. It takes time to create “meaningful” connections. You could ask for introductions; comment; request feedback, sharing, likes, +1’s, etc.

For me, the ability to connect with smart, forward-thinking, and creative people globally is allowing me to grow, both personally and professionally.

Feel free to give your valuable inputs / advice / comments on the above on my email: or tweet @vishalchomal


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