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Twitter Chat #PR4PR on January 25th 2014

Supported by and MSLGroup India and all other Groups and forums across platforms

Thank you all of you for registering for the Twitter Chat on our Facebook (we have already received over 100 pre-registrations) and I urge the Maybe category also to convert themselves into Going (50 saying may attend). It is no that if you don’t register, you won’t be able to participate, but if you do then all others will know that you are participating in chat and can have conversations directed at you.

This time, there is even more reasons to participate in a chat, MSL Group India will rewarding with goodies for Tweeps, who tweet maximum – relevant and noteworthy tweets. So start thinking on what you would want to discuss or share at the Tweetup. How can we come together to strategize and organize ourselves to create a campaign to promote our own industry.

Request all participants to inform and urge their own bosses to participate and share their valuable gems of wisdom with all of us, direct us and help us create a strategy that will benefit all of us.

So request you all to share your Twitter Handles with your name, designations, company name and location.

Also share this event within your circle so that more PR professional can be part of this Tweetup and more insights can be generated and shared.

Lets make this event trend for longer time across India, and more than that lets get some actionable take-away from the chat and initiate a process and voluntarism to take the agenda ahead.

So share more info about you and spread the word.


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