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DNA? Cat B???!! Seriously???

bitchingI never would have thought that someone would invite me to write a contributory piece! My faith on humanity (which otherwise taking deep plunges and hitting deeper abysses everyday) has been rekindled again! Telling you folks, never underestimate the power of bitching, trolling etc!
So, here I am going to write…errr bitch about my profession! Or rather people. No profession is good or bad, people are. At least this is what I think. So without sounding preachy let me being this short note, full of bitchiness!
Categorization of publications, yes, we all know something every PR person worth his/her salt will tell you, is an important and very critical discussion with clients. Depending upon the coverage received on the silly marketing gimmicks we maneuver the CATs!  However, there are some publications which are universally categorized. Dare you try and put them in lesser category, you may just get sued by a Jain or a Bhartiya, a Chandra or may be a Goenka??!!
So this client of mine, with 8 odd years of various agency experience and now Manager Corp Comm with a renowned MNC simply put me in utter shock recently. I almost felt like jumping from the highrise where we were having our “brainstorming”. Swear to god have never felt that stormy ever in my life.
DNA is a category B publication! Yes! You heard it right. How do you feel about it. I can see a smirk on your face, some eyes widened and some *oh I have met bigger morons – this is nothing* expressions too!
However, for me after that line, entire discussion was useless. As useless as Modi contesting elections from Azamgarh! Needless to say that post that I had a heated argument and the decibel levels increased post every line spoken. Eventually I had to wrap it up, cringing and stating that if that’s the case I would not like to take this any forward.
I have serious doubts that this breed of so called PR professionals is increasing everyday and god only knows where we are going to land in future.

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