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Celebrate Happiness

Happy-FacePR as a profession is ranked as one of the most stressful profession. PR practitioners as we would like to be identified work relentlessly towards creating and maintaining a positive image for their clients or companies they work for. The job as we all know involves extreme pressure either for coverage or for new business, tight deadlines, lesser resources and sometimes even dealing with abusive journalists or clients.

Serious PR practitioners (spent over 4 years in the business), who see this as the only profession towards their career fulfillment often work under extreme stress. Corporate communications are still comparatively better placed, but agency side practitioners are under constant stress leading to excessive smoking, drinking, unhealthy diet and loads of other complementary illnesses. Happiness is something that does not come naturally, unless induced through such artificial means or you are really lucky to have some good colleagues, bosses and friends around to cheer you up, every time you get bashed either by your client, media or your boss.

After receiving a video last week from an agency trying to bring in the happiness quotient in their employees work life, I thought of working on this topic. I interacted with over 25 practitioners through various means. My small research highlighted the declining happiness in agency professionals in their personal as well professional lives.

Though no rocket science, we all know about the scenario and have voluntarily chosen to be part of it for whatever reasons. But will staying and accepting the situation do any good to our lives or will it further erode our souls as individuals are the questions we don’t wish to answer.

Agencies can hardly do anything about the current situation as not every agency is doing great business today. Clients, who used to pay about a lakh 5 years back, still pay the same. Inflation has gone up, salaries are risen many folds and quality of talent is decreasing day by day, uncertain economies is adding more to their woes. May be ‘ache din aane wale hai’, but until that time the situation will remain the same. So ultimately it is you and only you who can make that difference to your life, only you can do something to keep yourself happy.

Instead of getting bogged down by the constant pressure, try giving it a fight. Try using whatever available free time in doing something that really gives you a kick (I don’t mean doping). Work with an NGO, get into sports, quit smoking, drink moderate, exercise, write, read, paint, sing, dance, join theater, play with your kids, love someone truly….. Do whatever good that you like, it does not matter even if you have just 30 minutes a day, use it wisely, invest in yourself.

Having said that the situation is not all that grim, few agencies do take some initiatives to bring that little happiness in their employees’ lives. That brings me back to the video I received from Genesis BM – exactly demonstrates the same thing. Do see how employees at Genesis BM offices got grooving when ‘Happy’ness came along……..

Here is the link:

Does your agency or company also spreads happiness? Share with us so that who don’t can learn. Give your feedback here or simply tweet your one-liner @vikramkharvi

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  1. Hi vikram,


    I follow the blog regularly and have found your inputs extremely valuable and enriching. Your mail on pr being on of the most stressful profile in today’s world came at a time when I was contemplating to quit for good. I have spent a decent 12 years in the industry – seen the best of the best and the worse. The stress and the pressure creeps in so badly that somewhere we forget to disconnect. Literally, we keep working round the clock, to an extent even dream of plans, crisis and strategies. We all know that how important ‘ME’ is but we ignore or rather procrastinate doing anything for ourselves. All I want to say Thank you for reminding to unwind and detach.
    Thanks for the refreshing mail, have a great day!

    Thanks and regards,

  2. “Vikypedia” .. just makes me smile for some reason.

  3. Dear VK,

    what ever you pointed out is more or less creeping across all sectors of media and communication industry today in India. And the reason for “unhappiness” and an extra degree of stress is SELECTION.
    The Worthy, The Potential, The Spirited, The Do it Lad/Lady, The maverick….. is not leading the team. Its the so called “gas filled” who have been in the business of licking and playing favors is doing the damage. As per my POV (point of view) most of the seniors are not competent enough to energize the team, walk the extra mile and stand when needed.

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