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40 Rules of Success

August 7, 2014

Came across a very good book on 40 Rules for Internet Business Success authored by Matthew Paulson, available on Amazon. Rules that are relevant and most of them applicable to all of us. Suggest select few most relevant rules for you, take a print and pin it on your work stations so that you read… Read More ›

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The Silo Warrior

No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main… – John Donne  Ramesh, recently got promoted from a Sr. Account Executive’s position to lead a team as an Account Manager. The only reason Ramesh got promoted much earlier than his peers was his… Read More ›

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Who are you? What’s your identity?

The answer to this question may seem to be very simple on the face of it but when you actually think deep within and ask yourself this question, you may not be able to come up with an instant answer. We being in the profession of image management or identity management, understanding our own identity… Read More ›

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Take a Leap from just being to ‘Being Positive’

Hope you had an opportunity to read my last week’s post on ‘Celebrating Happiness’, which talks about how you can celebrate happiness even in the gloomiest situations. Our jobs particularly have all the reasons to make the sanest person pessimist but still you will find people around you who are always brimming with fullness, they… Read More ›

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Celebrate Happiness

PR as a profession is ranked as one of the most stressful profession. PR practitioners as we would like to be identified work relentlessly towards creating and maintaining a positive image for their clients or companies they work for. The job as we all know involves extreme pressure either for coverage or for new business,… Read More ›

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The Fine Art of Constructive Criticism

If you overdo it, you make enemies. If you avoid it too much, you become a pushover. Often in your work life, you will come across people who either keep criticizing you for every small mistake/s without offering any solution to correct the mistakes or there are people who are at the butt of everyone’s… Read More ›

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Building your Personal Brand

We the PR practitioners are known for our skills for making unknown, known to the world, but it is seldom that we put concentrated efforts in building our personal brand. Many even argue the need to develop themselves as a brand and prefer being in the background while promoting their clients. But there are few… Read More ›

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The Art of Conversing

As a PR practitioner, apart from writing and communications skills, what is that one important skill that we all must master? While you think about the answer, just picture these situations: 1)      Your client and you are early for a media interaction and awaiting the arrival of the journalist, who is supposed to interview your… Read More ›

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The Authentic Leader

Recently, I happened to read an article written by Devdutt Pattnaik, a renowned author, in which he has narrated a short story from Anand Ramayana, which caught my attention and so thought of sharing with you allas it had a moral that is very relevant to our business as well. So this story comes from… Read More ›

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Can you Out-Think?

Your bosses, your clients, your competitors and yourself Last week, I had an opportunity to interact with Madan Bahal, Managing Director of Adfactors PR Pvt Ltd. Of the many things that we discussed, one of thing that caught my attention was a topic that he chose to brainstorm with his account managers, at one of… Read More ›

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