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In mythology and literature, Quest means a journey towards your goals. PRQuest is also similarly a journey towards achieving our PR goals of being a better practitioner, and it’s a never ending journey as the practice must go on….

PRQuest is a column authored by Richa Seth, through which she will share with you insights based on her day-to-day learning’s and experiences. She will share best practices, inventive strategies that professionals can adopt in their PR campaigns.

Convergence of PR and SoLoMo (Social, Mobile and Local)

July 12, 2014

The world of Public Relations is ever evolving and requires professionals to keep a tab on technological innovations that can ease their work or impact the way we communicate to the stakeholders across the strata. As we know, increasing number of people are consuming information on their smart phones thanks to the increased penetration and… Read More ›

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Developing a robust and an executable PR Plan

It is the beginning of another quarter and time for PR professionals to assess the performance of the last quarter and set the goals to plan for the forthcoming one. Before you start working on the communications plan, it is important that you have a discussion with key people from the client’s office to understand… Read More ›

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Best Practices for Start-Up PR

Pitching for start-ups who want to launch their cool innovative gadgets or services that no has imagined yet? You want to be the maker of next Infosys or Apple? But guess what there are over thousands of start-ups trying their luck every year, out of them over 20% want all the magic that PR can… Read More ›

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How can PR professionals engage with the Influencers?

  Increasing number of brands are reaching out to the thought leaders and third-party experts that influence buying behavior in their respective industries. Recent studies indicate that most of the media is expected to act like the B2B buyers. 50%-70% of the buying decision is made before the B2B buyer speaks to a sales representative. The buyers have done… Read More ›

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Customer Engagement – the next competitive battleground for brands

Customers are demanding superior service and relationships with companies from across sectors. Companies need to broaden their horizons and address customer-engagement needs, enable more rapid responses, and building internal lines of communication, these steps will help create nimbler organizations. Customer engagement is quintessential for all industries and requires strengthening your relationship with your current customers… Read More ›

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PR professionals should be armed with Mantras, Tantras & Yantras to get a place in the boardroom

  In Hindu mythology, there is a renowned folk tale about King Kausik also known as Visvamitra of the lunar dynasty, he possessed extra ordinary qualities and ruled the kingdom well. One of the interesting incidents which caught my attention was the king’s tour of his kingdom with a large army. He was passing a… Read More ›

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Growing importance of Litigation PR

Reputation can be extremely fragile in this interconnected and 24*7 online world, brands can live or die by their reputation in this highly competitive environment. The value of reputation has increased much more than ever before especially considering the endless stream of corporate scandals. Trustworthiness is still is a big issue among consumers and hence… Read More ›

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Mobile Phones – the next big platform for Communications

We are all living a Mobile Life, sharing all important and less important moments of life through pictures, posts, likes and comments across social media platforms. Checking in to locations and sharing experiences of visiting a specific venue, food reviews and more, consumers have become media themselves. Mobile phone is becoming a content consumption machine…. Read More ›

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The Editor’s point of view

At Adfactors PR, I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop with the renowned ex journalist Shishir Joshi, who has worked with leading media institutions like The Indian Express, Nagpur Times, Hitavada,, NDTV, Aaj Tak and his last assignment was as a Group Editorial Director with MiD DAY. Shishir initiated an education initiative… Read More ›

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PR professionals need to become Media Agnostic

With the evolution of traditional media in India, where many newspapers have become adept to the digital revolution and have introduced their online editions, mobile applications etc. to cater to the new age consumers. The traditional media relations only model of PR consultancies will have to evolve and transform more into earned, owned and paid… Read More ›

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Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed by me in this blog are my personal views and do not represent the views of my employer or the organizations I have been associated with. I believe in the principle of sharing information. Feel free to link to any of the posts in this blog.