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Start Up PR – To Do or Not To!

November 28, 2014

The seven crucial questions you need to ask yourself before you hire a PR firm for your start up ? Why do I need to hire a PR firm? You want your business to go to the next level, correct? The only way to do so is to build credibility. And as business owners you… Read More ›

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A New Book on PR Launched

A seasoned PR practitioner, lecturer and a blogger – Vikram Kharvi, launched his first book focusing on the world of Public Relations industry and shares an insider’s account about the changing face of public relations. Published by Revelation House, the book aims to provide practical solutions to common problems faced by PR practitioners. The author… Read More ›

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What does it take to be a Disruptive PR Practitioner?

Is your answer Super Intelligence? But I have seen in my entire career that people who I have come across as very intelligent have not achieved much in their lives. Probably they spend a lot of time convincing people about their intelligence rather than implementing their knowledge in something productive. So don’t you think intelligence… Read More ›

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Masterstroke Interview: Xavier Prabhu, Founder & CEO, PRHUB

This time in our Masterstroke Interviews, we bring to a veteran of the Indian PR business and someone who is very known and accepted as an authority on PR in India. had an opportunity to have a discussion with Xavier Prabhu, Founder & CEO PRHUB IMC Pvt. Ltd., excerpts of the interview given below,… Read More ›

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Genesis Burson-Marsteller Grabs Two Gold at SABRE

Genesis Burson-Marsteller has announced that it has won two Gold SABRE and one certificate of excellence at the 2014 South Asia SABRE Awards. The awards were announced at a gala dinner in New Delhi on July 25. Genesis Burson-Marsteller’s wins include:  Gold SABRE for WPP Team Ford and Genesis Burson-Marsteller for Ford India’s ‘Ecosport: The… Read More ›

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PRHUB recognized as among 15 emerging firms to watch out for globally in ‘Global PR Rankings 2014’

Only Indian PR firm and the second in Asia to make it to “Best of the rest” category, recognizing firms with strong growth and an eye for innovation worldwide  PRHUB, among India’s leading independent PR firms and the flagship brand of Businesshub – a fast growing consulting and integrated communication group, has been ranked among the… Read More ›

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Masterstroke Interview with Jaideep Shergill, CEO of MSL Group India

There is a decisive shift towards strong, insights-based integrated communications. Digital continues to be on fire, but the demand for services such as public affairs, crisis communications, content, brand-related research and corporate social responsibility is picking up significantly, says Jaideep Shergill, CEO of MSL Group India in an interview with, read on to know… Read More ›

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The Silo Warrior

No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main… – John Donne  Ramesh, recently got promoted from a Sr. Account Executive’s position to lead a team as an Account Manager. The only reason Ramesh got promoted much earlier than his peers was his… Read More ›

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Who are you? What’s your identity?

The answer to this question may seem to be very simple on the face of it but when you actually think deep within and ask yourself this question, you may not be able to come up with an instant answer. We being in the profession of image management or identity management, understanding our own identity… Read More ›

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Take a Leap from just being to ‘Being Positive’

Hope you had an opportunity to read my last week’s post on ‘Celebrating Happiness’, which talks about how you can celebrate happiness even in the gloomiest situations. Our jobs particularly have all the reasons to make the sanest person pessimist but still you will find people around you who are always brimming with fullness, they… Read More ›

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