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#PR4PR Twitter Chat – Infographic

January 31, 2014

Hello Friends, Here is an Infogrpahic of our last twitter chat #PR4PR, request you all to share your feedback on the overall experience of the chat Advertisements

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Bangalore is all set to go social

After the successful debut of Social Media Week (SMW) in India held in Mumbai in September 2013, Bangalore is all set to host this mega global festival. SMW Bangalore will be held between the 17th and 21st of February simultaneously with seven other cities – Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lagos, Milan New York and Tokyo. SMW is a worldwide festival… Read More ›

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Two thirds of world leaders are engaged in diplomatic relations on Twitter, the latest Burson-Marsteller Twiplomacy study finds

Burson-Marsteller, recently released “Twiplomacy” an annual global study of world leaders on Twitter. The study shows that more than three-quarters (77.7%) of world leaders have a Twitter account and two-thirds (68%) have made mutual connections with their peers. “Twiplomacy” is aimed at identifying to what extent world leaders use Twitter. In early July 2013 Burson-Marsteller… Read More ›

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Have you tried an Online Press Meet?

Prasanna Kotian, an Account Manager from a reputed PR agency based in Mumbai, services a technology company in the business of data storage solutions headquartered in US. One Monday morning, Prasanna gets a call from the company’s corp. communications head that their global CTO is visiting Mumbai and hence the agency should arrange a media… Read More ›

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Google updates its Penguin Algorithm

This is further to my article early this week titled – PR Pros be aware Content Marketers are coming, there are two good updates in the same direction that I would like to share with you all. Recently Google updated its year-old algorithm Penguin to reward websites that produce quality content regularly and penalize those… Read More ›

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Are Indian PR agencies ready to offer Social Media Services?

There has always been a constant debate on who will be the best resource to build and manage client’s reputation online. Is it the PR agencies, because they have been traditional managing reputation and know how to communicate the right way or is it the new age creatively and technologically bent social media agencies who know the right tool to attract and engage the audience in the manner they would want to be engaged?

Tried to express, basis my experience of working with both contenders… Please read and share your feedback

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What’s your brand’s address Online, a corporate site or a Facebook page?

At the height of the dot com boom in the 1990s, every other business, small or big invested a fortune in developing and maintaining their own corporate website. Millions was spent in experimenting and taming this alien animal and trying to milk it as much as possible. Then came the dot com bust, which made… Read More ›

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Like Me…

Today every brand worth its salt is talking about its social media presence, marketers are shelling out lakhs from their traditional marketing budgets to create and sustain their presence on the new media. Most CEOs, who do not even understand social media are heard asking their CMOs “What is our social media strategy? What are… Read More ›

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Branding on Social Media – A case study

Hi Folks, Came across an interesting piece in the recent Brand Equity, written by Sruthi Radhakrishnan, speaks about how brands are using social networks to go viral and aiming to increase the WOM mileage of their brands. Given below are interesting case studies of two top denim brands. Hope you find it useful Jean Therapy… Read More ›

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Now another web browser for Social Networking – RockMelt

After Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari do you really need another web browser and that to specially designed for Social Networking? And at a time when the world is slowly shifting towards a touch-driven mobile surfing? Before passing a judgment, experience RockMelt, it a new very promising browser of the Facebook era, backed… Read More ›

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